We train at all levels. Individual attention is provided to all during lessons so that you can further develop. Private lessons are available.


Classical boxing on the punching bag and versus various partners with full respect for differences in experience. You can also join our fun & hard working 35+ boxing group!


Self confidence, self defense, lear to find and show boundaries. Learn to take and throw punches. Learn to respect yourself and others. We understand how important it is to learn that safely. Parents are always welcome to attend.


Women-only classes designed for self-defense, self-development, for learning to take and land a punch. Vitally important is how we support & challenge each other in a safe environment to develop your fighting spirit. All other classes are mixed.
Tuesdays 10 AM

Brazilian JJ

Brazilian jiu-jitsu is a martial art and combat sport, that focuses on grappling and especially ground fighting.

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Kickboxing on the punching bags and pads without sparring is a welcome addition for kickboxers who don't (always) want to spar.


Train at your level with attention to your specific needs with one of our professional trainers. Inquiries via or call/app 0642889715


Workshops & clinics can be organized at any location of your preference. Please inquire via or call/app 0642889715


If you have specific needs, wishes or ideas, don't hesitate to get in touch: or call/app 0642889715

Top martial arts at a prime location

The engine behind our gym is world champion kickboxing Fred Royers.

Initially, 'professional martial arts' was what we were all about. Necessary, because we had 9 A class fighters both male and female training here. We also wanted to grow young talent to join and maintain our choice of fighters.

As time passed, we wanted to offer classes to retired pros and those not interested in a career. Time was also given in our dojo to other martial arts such as classical boxing, Brazilian JJ and to other groups and initiatives.

We now offer professional & career development as well as a wider range of options and recreational sports. We are also involved in societal projects in schools and the wider society including with groups nationwide and from across the border.

We believe we have something unique in Kickboxing Arnhem, top Martial Arts at a prime location.

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